G.D.P.R. și magazinele online

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Studiu de caz: G.D.P.R. și magazinele online Odată cu apariţia Regulamentului UE 2016/679, comercianţilor care au o afacere în mediul online le revine o serie de noi obligaţii privind prelucrarea datelor personale ale clienţilor. Această responsabilitate a magazinelor online este mult mai extinsă decât în legea 677/2001, care va fi aborgată de Noul Regulament. Una dintre cele mai importante modificări vizează chiar transparenţa relaţiei dintre magazinul online şi client,  întrucât comerciantul trebuie să ofere clienţilor toate informaţiile legate de securitatea datelor sale personale. Prin urmare, securitatea datelor presupune adoptarea unor măsuri tehnice şi organizatorice noi. De…


Boeing: A profitable business built around innovation

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Boeing has had a major say in the aerospace industry since its beginnings and continues to be the undisputed leader in this industry, by trying to develop new technologies that improve the way to live, to communicate and travel. In an industry focused on technology, a competitive advantage, built around the concept „innovate better than the competition”, plays an extremely important role. Protecting the innovations enable the company to have positive results and to be a profitable business. In an interview for WIPO Magazine, Peter Hoffman, Boeing’s Vice President of Intellectual Property Management, mentions that the company follows…

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Trade secrets: Eight steps for a better protection

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The number of cyber crimes is growing every year and companies involve increasingly more resources to protect the information that keeps them competitive on the market. However, the most threats on disclosure of trade secrets is right inside the company. Our colleague, Cristian Deca, Mediator and Legal Adviser at Decalex Legal Solutions, mentions that all the companies need to take action in order to protect the confidentiality of their corporate assets, all this efforts including not only to secure computer networks, but also to incorporate some business processes to protect their trade secrets. A trade secret protection…